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SP EYELASHES online live event got a complete success


  As a leader in the eyelash industry, SP EYELASHES has recently launched online live broadcast activities. The main live broadcast platforms include Facebook, Instagram, and Alibaba.

  The main purpose of this event is to attract more new customers and give back to old customers, so that new customers can learn more about the SP EYELASH through live events, and old customers can deeply interact with our expert team in time through online interaction.

   During this live broadcast, our expert team showed the main products of the brand , including mink lashes, faux mink lashes, 25mm mink lashes, eyelash extension, flat extensions, blooming extensions and some eyelashes Tools and how to use them. On the other hand, some unique product advantages of SPeyelash’s eyelashes are also displayed online.

1. Because SPeyelashes has a new technology called “secondary setting”, by the technology, eyelashes can maintain its unique curvature and curvature for a long time unlike most eyelashes on the Internet.

2. SPEYELASH’s eyelashes are 100% handmade, so they can fit human eyes more without discomfort.

3. Each pair of eyelashes will be issued before the factory. The use of professional medical equipment for more than 30 minutes of disinfection treatment avoids eye allergies caused by bacteria and other factors.

4. SPEYELASH eyelashes are made of imported high-quality materials, which can also ensure that eyelash curvature can be more durable.

5. SPEYELASH has its own factory, so it can To meet the various needs of customers, it is a very good choice for customers who have a large demand for eyelashes or need to deliver as soon as possible.

  During the live broadcast, our anchor wears the lashes, and new users were also invited to try our eyelashes. After wearing the eyelashes, the users reported that the eyelashes are very comfortable and light, and we can also see that the eyelashes are very comfortable and lightweight. The lady looks more elegant and charming.

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25 2020-08