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Faux Mink Lashes | Silk Lashes

Material: Mink

False Eyelash Band: Black Cotton Band

Type: Hand Made

Customization: Customized logo & packaging

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1. SP Eyelash company and factory are registered on USA FDA with the top quality imported material and ingredients.

2. Strict quality control to guarantee consistency in thickness, curl, and length.

3. Professional support team from native English-speaking countries offer you 24/7 service.

4. Customization service make your brand stand out with a unique logo and packaging as a lash packaging vendor.

Specification Attribute

1. New techniques–Shaped band of the lashes will mold to the curve of your eyelids. The band will hold the curve without sticking out at both ends. No need for you to glue lashes ends back during the wear.

2. New design–Lifting up effect will give you a  gorgeous perm style with stunning curl. No need for you do get perm kit to lift up your eyelashes.

3. New technology–Multilayered 3D visual splendor break traditional 3D effect to create a three or four layers look with natural and fluffy realistic feeling.

4. Lightweight real mink– Soft and smooth real mink makes the eyelashes lightweight and renders the eyelashes the velvet texture.

5. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed–False 3d eyelashes are 100% guaranteed! In case you face any problem, just let us know and we will resolve your problem as soon as possible.

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