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Eyelash Tweezers

Name: Eyelash Tweezers

Material: Stainless Steel with Gold Plated

Tip Type: Pointed

Size: 12.5cm*0.8cm

Packaging: Plastic or Custom Packaging

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1. SP Eyelash company and factory are registered on USA FDA with the top quality imported material and ingredients.
2.Strict quality control to guarantee the consistency in thickness, curl and length.
3.Professional support team from native English speaking countries offer you 24/7 service.
4.Customization service make your brand stand out with unique logo and packaging as a lash packaging vendor.

Specification Attribute

1.Our eyelash tweezers have the best quality with fine tips to pick up the tiny lash extensions wtih soft and easy grip.

2.We provide the tweezers in different finishes such as mirror polish.

3.Rust-free&corrosion-free strainless steel in the tweezers.

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