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Eyelash Extension Air Blower

Name: Eyelash extension air blower

Weight: 40g

Material: Soft silicone gel+metal


Customization: Customized logo&packaging

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1. SP Eyelash company and factory are registered on USA FDA with the top quality imported material and ingredients.
2. Strict quality control to guarantee the consistency in thickness, curl and length.
3. Professional support team from native English speaking countries offer you 24/7 service.
4. Customization service make your brand stand out with unique logo and packaging as a lash packaging vendor.

Specification Attribute

1. Eyelash extensions air blower is used to speed up drying of glue during eyelash extensiosns application.

2. Easy to apply and no side-effects for your customers.

3. Time saver for you in the application and beginners friendly.

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