Why do you choose SPEYELASH?

Recently, Some new partner took part in Shuangpu Import and Export Co., Ltd. In order to help that our new partners can adapt new environment as soon as possible, the company has organized a welcome event for new employees. The main content of the activity includes welcoming new employees, leading them to visit the factory to understand the eyelash manufacturing process and technology. Our friendly Old employees share what they konw about false,including false lashes types, lashes tools, and lashes material. Hope them happy in Shuangpu Important and Export Co.,Ltd!




Shuangpu Import and Export Co., Ltd factory has 6 years experienced. Actually, all eyelashes from SPEYELASH are artificial. Our factory workers are very professional, they make our lashes by their hand, and they also can use different machines about eyelashes. Every lashes from SPEYELASH is 100% safe for our skin, firstly, we use mild and skin-friendly ingredient, then, all of our lashes will send to customers after sterilization process for a long time.


There are various eyelashes in SPEYELASH, including strip lashes, eyelash extensions and other lashes tools.

If you like, you can choose every boxes you like, and we also can provide private label boxes for you.


24 2020-07